Drawing Modes
Super Melee

Super Mélee / MonsterDYP is a tournament mode, where doubles are played. The partners of the double change randomly with every round. Winner is the player with the most matches won.

A detailled description of the system can be found in the online help system of SPORT.

The following sample shows the first two rounds of a pétanque tournament with 17 players:

Ranking after Round 1

Arians, Passo 13:4 
Loy 13:7 
Koffi, Quintais 13:8 
Briand, Galand 13:9 
Neumeister, Opdenhoff 13:11 
10 Ickenroth, Mohr 11:13 
12 Donder, Josten 9:13 
14 Erlach, Hempel 8:13 
16 Choupay, Fazzino 4:13 

Round 2

The pairings of the following rounds are drawn randomly, such that two players do not play with each other multiple times and each player has many different opponents.