Drawing Modes

SPORT supports three different drawing modes:

Single Elimination

Classical knock-out, where the loser of a match is eliminated from the tournament. A match for the 3rd and 4th ranking can be played on request.


Sample of a tennis tournament with 7 players:

Final Ranking

1. Boris Becker 
2. Pete Sampras 
3. Bj√∂rn Borg 
 Stefan Edberg 
5. Michael Stich 
 Ivan Lendl 
 Michael Chang 

Double Elimination

Knock-out system with a loser side, where the losers of the matches play between each other. Those players, who loose a second game, are eliminated from the tournament. It can be selected whether the rournament stops after the finals of the main and loser rounds.


Sample of a soccer tournament with 8 teams:

Final Ranking

1. Brasil 
2. Germany 
3. Argentina 
4. Russia 
5. Italy 
7. USA 

Complete Elimination

All entries have the same number of matches. The winner of a match plays with the other winners for the upper half of the positions, the losers play for the lower half.


Sample of a Petanque tournament with 8 teams:

Final Ranking

1. France 1 
2. France 2 
3. Germany 
4. Italy 
5. Great Britain 
6. Belgium 
7. Spain 
8. Sweden