Frequently Asked Questions

Android Error: App not installed

This message appears in the App versions 28 and 29 on some smartphones, after the automatic update by google play.
The cause of this error is a new security feature of google, preventing to start an app from outside, such that also the app manager could not start the app.
In version 30 this bug has been fixed.


Which Android versions are required to run the Apps? O< Tournament Manager runs on Android since version 5 (Lollipop).
RefereeApp is supported by Android since version 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich, 12/2011).

Why does the O< Tournament Manager Pro require access to the file system during installation? The Pro version allows to import and export clubs and players from external sources. At export a csv file is written, and during import such a file is reade. Both files must reside in the "Download"-directory of Android. To grant access, Android requires apps to ask for the permissions READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.

Does the software run on Apple systems? Unfortunately not, because IOS and Android are totally different. The decision for Android is due to the market position, where about 85% of the smartphones run on Android. But the problem is induced by the incompatibility of the systems. When the companies would agree on a common development environment, this question would not arise.

Export file not found
After an export, the confirmation message shows the name of the export file in the internal file system of the Android operating system. With any file browser app you can find the export files in the directors Downloads/sportapp.

Data Storage

Where are the tournament data stored?

The O< Tournament Manager stores the data of players and tournaments in a SQLite database. This resides in an internal storage of the app, secured by Android such that a normal user and other apps get no access.

Please keep in mind that Android also deletes all internal data when the app gets uninstalled.

Swiss Ladder System

What is the Swiss Ladder System?

The swiss ladder system has its origin in chess, but is becoming very popular in other sports. It is an intelligent mixture of round robin and the elimination system. It assures that
- all entries have the same number of matches
- players of different levels can participate on the same tournament (i.e. strong and weak players)
- most of the matches, especially in the middle and end of the tournament, are between players of nearly equal strength
- the matches between very different players are relevant, because not only win and loss are counted, but also the achieved points
- each player plays against many other entries, but never twice against the same.

What is the Buchholz number?

The Buchholz number of a player is the sum of points of all his opponents - independent of the match results. It can be used to break a tie in the charts: For players with equal number of points the one with higher Buchholz number is ahead, because he made his result against stronger opponents.

What is the Schoch number?

The Schoch number of a player is the sum of points of all his opponents, against he won a game. It can be used as tie-break: For players with equal number of points the one with higher Schoch number is ahead, because he won against stronger opponents.


Which languages are supported by the Apps? We support English, German, Hungarian and Slovak. Switching is done in Android via the language settings.
We offer to generate additional languages on request.