Score Board

Options Menu

Change color Changes the background color between black and white.<br />Can improve readablity in bad light conditions.
Reset Resets all match data.<br />Can be used to prepare a new match.
Change sport Change the sport discipline:<br /><img src="fileadmin/sport8/images/arrow-r.png"> Badminton<br /><img src="fileadmin/sport8/images/arrow-r.png"> Petanque / Boule<br /><img src="fileadmin/sport8/images/arrow-r.png"> Table football / Table soccer<br /><img src="fileadmin/sport8/images/arrow-r.png"> Table tennis<br /><img src="fileadmin/sport8/images/arrow-r.png"> General: Any sport can be configured by a <link 157.html?L=1>Sport Menu</link>.
SPORT Server Connects to a <link sport8-server.html?L=1>SPORT Server</link>.<br />Match data can be downloaded and scores can be reported to the tournament manager.<br />Available only in the Pro Version.
About Shows the version number and the actual sport.

Player Menu

Service The selected team gets the next service.
Swap The players of the selected team swap their positions.
Change sides Both teams change sides.

Point Menu

Point The team gets the next point.
Undo Undo the last point.
Reset game to 0:0 The actual game is reset to 0:0.<br />When the actual score is already 0:0, the predecessor game is reset.